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I hurt myself today

I hurt myself today

Trigger warning: cutting and blood

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My mood in music

Bad Day – David Powter

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls

Hurt – Johnny Cash

Stuck in a moment – U2

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I wear a mask. I’m a shiny happy person in public. Nobody wants to hear that my heart feels dead or that I fantasize about hurting myself. I don’t actually want to die but I’m bored of living this life.

Under the mask, I am a mess. I feel like I’m walking waist-deep in mud because everything is such a fucking struggle.

I got to find some kind of way out of here.

My heart feels dead inside

This vid combines my love of this utterly fab song and my love of Doctor Who.

There’s nothing like a song with this much black humour.

Suits my mood nicely


Slash goes mainstream

Is laughter the best medicine?

So apparently I’ve been sick which is why I’m so tired, well that and insomnia. I’ve also been bitten by many ants and my ankles are itchy. Bloody ants.

Maybe more cowbell is the answer or maybe some Blackadder

My newest crush

Jay Smooth is the man