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What is friendship? Is it merely shared experiences. I thought I had a great group of friends in Hell but it turns out that as soon as the shit hits the fan these “friends” are no where to be seen. The truth is that friendship is the ultimate in fakerery or fair weather. I really alone alone in Hell. I mean, back home I have the greatest friends but those here are lip service only.

Usually I’m the social queen but when I’m not they are nowhere to be seen. I can’t believe that I was so faked out. The hardest thing is that I was their for them during their hard times but I seem to be giving more than I get. Any hint that I might need some support, they evaporate,

I’m alone basically. I’m alone in Hell



Completely drunk but frrling crap,  not going to take a sedative cos bad to get addicdred.

Ken is fab. love him forever. love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Feeling so sick and flu’y. Maybe I have the flu’. Going to bed nowish.

Friendship might not last forever

You know what M? It is not ok to ignore your friends who have stuck with you through all the fucking shit and heap praises on the head of an outsider.

Fuck you very much


Turns out I wasn’t faking. I am actually sick. Bloody parasites being all parasitic and turning my insides to water. NOT HAPPY. Pissed off at missing the St Patrick’s Day celebrations and not being able to survive more that 5 minutes from a toilet.

Leaving – I hope

Going out of the country soon. It will be a welcome relief. Of course it’ll only be for a few days but even that will help me sort out my mind a tad.

Mr Darcy


Doc looks like Clive Owen, who would make a great Mr Darcy. Am I wrong to imagine Doc as Darcy. Maybe that’s what he’s doing – playing the gentleman. Oh Mr Darcy how beautiful you are!