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Fucking holidays

As much as I disliked living in that SE Asian country, it’s crappy being back under my parents’ roof. – they bicker. My father lectures non stop informing the rest of us of facts we are already aware of. My mother emotionally blackmails and is on the verge of losing the plot because she thinks that she gives always and never receives. It’s not true but I can’t say anything without being yelled at. My sister has split up with her boyfriend and I’m a mental case.

None of them get it. My illness is minimised and I’m constantly told to cheer up. I’ve explained that I cannot cheer up on command but no one gets it. I fucking alone without the benefits of being physically alone. I gotta resolve it soon or I’ll end up cutting again.

Happy fucking holidays


Christmas is a time to fight

i’ve left one hell and entered another. Bloody parents sniping at each other and not understanding that depression means that I DO NOT WANT to attend their stupid dinner parties.

There’s got to be some kinda way out of here.

Fucking holidays đŸ˜¦