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Still sick

Taking two different meds.

  • Belly aching.
  • Hell calling.
  • Flight cancelling.
  • Pissed off getting

Screw this. I’m gonna eat spring rolls and get a hair cut


Diet part the second

I am now on my diet for three very successful days. I’m relieved to has arrested my weight gain (bloody PCOS) and I want this to work. If I lose 30 kilos, I’ll not be thin but thinner anyway and then I can eat myself back up to my current 130 kilos and fall into a lifetime of vicious circuluing. Nah I’ll just lose some weight – probably won’t keep it off – who ever does? That’s life!

I don’t want to fail though. I don’t need to be skinny or even normal. I’d be happy with just fat or overweight, a touch of obesity perhaps, but my health with the “disease” requires a reduction in mass. So I do it.

Good luck to me

Lunch 2

Good lunch – chicken salad.

Boring lunch companion – maybe it was my fault. I was pissy because I wanted to go somewhere else for lunch. I’m pissy in general these days because D is elusive. I want him now. It’s been 18 months since I’ve had sex. I live in a country where there are no single guys and no one night stands because of the thousands of submissive prostitutes. I really need to get laid.

1st Atkins lunch

Ok so at lunch today I officially re-began my diet. I know that dieting is, in the vast majority of cases, a useless endeavour. However, in my case, PCOS does not let me choose not to diet. I am happy at (whatever my current weight is) but unless I monitor carefully I will continue to gain. That I am not prepared for; hence the diet.

I chose Atkins because it works both for me and PCOS. In total I’d like to lose 40 kgs which will leave me at 70 (approximately). It’s hardly thin but I like my fat and I think it suits my personality. I’m a loud, opinionated, intimidating bitch and I love it! Plus I think my body is sensual.

So today’s lunch was – steak and eggs – and it was yummy with a diet coke and serious amount a coffee. I know that’s not recommended with Atkins because it causes sugar cravings. I’ve been off the sugar for three years so it’s not really an issue. Bread is my weakness but this blog is an attempt to keep me motivated, thereby alleviating the bloody annoying symptoms of PCOS.

Tonight I’ll probably eat out because there is one stalk of dried broccoli and two bottles of vodka in my fridge. I’m not abstaining from alcohol because living where I do, drinking is what we do best! I am going to try and cut down on the smoking and thereby make my gym visits easier.