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Fat does not equal depressed and depressed does not equal fat

I made an ecard here. I heart that site. It brings a little light into my cynical heart.

Bite me

Bite me


Ricky Gervais on fat people

And what a hater he is.

The typical troll – “fat people are fat because they eat too much and don’t exercise”. Did it feel good to get the cheap laughs Gervais? Anyone fancy a dash of sexism with the hate?

This just in: being fat causes depression

Throughout my life, doctors have blamed my fat for bee-stings, broken ankle, PCOS, diabetes (I only have/had two of those four – guess which ones!). Today my doctors will be falling on their knees and praising the lord that they finally have something else to blame my fat for – my depression!

Warning: “Monster sarcasm rally” ahead

According to John “Try My Fad to Cure Your Depression” Hubert, I’m depressed because I’m fat!

There is never one singular cause to depression but a poor diet has been shown to play a role in the development of depression and a good diet has been shown to lift depression. There are different opinions as to whether your weight makes you depressed or you gain weight because you are depressed. For instance, was the person depressed so they ate to calm their emotions, or did the depression appear after you were already overweight.

Poor fatty iz doin it rong. Eat the lettuce not the twinkies. Cos all fat people stuff themselves every day and thin people are never depressed. I wonder what the cut off weight is for depression?

The WHO (World Health Organization) identifies depression as the number one cause of disability in the United States. People who are obese are often depressed and so are people having eating disorders.

Overgeneralisation much? The medical profession has been so kind to us fatties that we just pour out fucking hearts out to fabulous doctors. We are depressed. Why? Because we’re fat.

Diet therapy for depression has been studied since the 1950’s. It has shown that your body and your brain need adequate vitamins and minerals to function. There is little evidence to support diet therapy alone, but there is much evidence that the depletion of certain nutrients are linked to depression.

Fish oil cures depression. Probably makes fatties thin too.

There have been studies that implicate being overweight as leading to their depression, especially in women. Some overweight individuals have low self esteem and self worth and use food to calm themselves in a vicious cycle.

Yeah fat women can’t stop eating and therefore have low self-esteem. Fuck you very much. I am depressed and fat and the two things are not linked. I am fairly happy with my body and have given up the fantasy being thin because it is a fantasy and I live in reality.

Studies have not been able to prove one way or another that weight causes depression, or depression causes the weight gain. According to the Archives of General Psychiatry (2006), the depression and obesity link were equal for men and women.

Studies have proved neither because the causal link is tenuous at best. How scienterrific* of you!

Depression for some can increase their appetite. Depressed people do not have the energy to exercise. Being overweight or obese carries stigma and negative connotations leading to depression. In desperation people may tun to fad diets that promise to get the weight off quickly.

Fad diets why are they bad is because they can contribute to depression.Trying one diet after another (yoyo dieting) is bad for your system. You will be continuously disappointed because the weight will not stay off and this can lead to feelings of failure and depression.

If you believe your diet is connected to your depression, you can go to your doctor and have some blood tests to see what nutrients your body may be lacking. Your doctor can tell you if you need dietary supplements or not.

Fish oil anyone?

Dietary deficiencies are common in fad diets. Poor diets that some people eat regularly can contribute to depression. If you consider all the facts it seems like going on a proper diet would relieve your depression symptoms. Can a change in your diet lead to your depression cure?

Unlikely. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain.

A proper diet that would help you lose weight and keep the pounds off are what you need. There are many commercial diet plans out there to try, or you can simply count calories your self. Avoid diets that are less than 1200 calories or promise fast weight loss. Most people can lose weight on 1500 calore diet.

No they can’t. Diets don’t work.

Om [sic] a 1500 calorie diet you will be able to feel satisfied. You can lose one to two pounds a week this way. It may take a little longer to lose the weight but it will be worth what you have learned about eating healthy, and the weight will stay off.

Again no, that’s in incorrect. Given this many errors, I wonder that “Curing depression” actually cures depression. Is he selling fish (snake) oil?

Fad diets are bad because diets do not work. That they cause depression is unproven. I’m bored with snarking this article. I started it to avoid work because work is shit and I was outraged at yet-another-fad- depression-cure-and-fatty-blaming article. I had to look this up because fatty or not I’ve never counted calories. According to WebMD:

According to the formula, a 25-year-old man who exercises 30 to 60 minutes every day with moderate or vigorous activity should eat about 2,800 calories a day, while a sedentary 65-year-old woman needs just 1,600 calories. An active 45-year-old man needs 2,600 calories, while an active woman of the same age needs 2,000 (also for 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each day).

So 1500 calorie diet is enough to live on, barely, but even supposing that being fat causes depression, one is hardly likely to cure it on 1500 calorie diet.

* h/t The Health Institute of Nutrition

Like OMG “exercise cures depression”!

I put a few more exclamation marks in the title but had to remove them again. I’m a bit of a grammar freak. I am sick and tired of hearing this bullshit.

Investigators found that adults treated with group-based exercise did just as well as those treated with antidepressant drugs.

Dr Blumenthal from Duke says “There is growing evidence that exercise may be a viable alternative to medication.” Although they are still some more tests until they decided to tell to tell their patients to throw their pills off a cliff and run back home!!

Also, researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre said in a study solely dedicated to looking at how exercise reduces depression, that people who exercise for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week showed a 50% drop in depression. Even those who exercised moderately registered a 30% decline. This is great news for women with PCOS.

Being a fan of “the natural way” I am pretty glad that pharmaceutical companies are unable to patent exercise!!

OMG who’d a thunk it. I am sick and tired of this useless fucking cliche – exercise cures everything! Why are people getting sick in the entire world when exercise and bloody fish oil are miracles cures? Nice that a hormonal disorder can be treated with exercise. Pay no attention to the conditionals in the quote above.

I believe in the benefits of exercise, the joy of finishing a workout and the ability to walk up stairs but exercise is not a miracle cure for any disease. I exercise for 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week and not only does my weight not decrease but neither does my fucking depression

And nice job leaving out the people who cannot exercise for whatever reason. What? They have to just suffer from an endocrine imbalance? Great job on inclusiveness there Gemma Taylor. From your article, I don’t know if you’re ever had depression but I doubt it. You don’t ‘shiny happy people’ depressed people with a miracle cure. There are no miracle cures and if you were to sparkle that at me or someone like me in person, you would get the same tongue-lashing that I bestow on tactless, factless people who tell me to take fish oil and exercise because it cures everything. Don’t you think I’ve tried everything – all the crappy ‘home remedies’, diets, supplements, yoga etc? It’s not pleasant to live like this.

Before you write another article and mention the word depression, do some bloody research first. You can start here and read what not to put in your article. Then you can research some women with PCOS and disabilities. Don’t assume every woman reading your site is able-bodied. Then curb your suggestions and remember that not everyone is middle class. More women live in poverty than not. Most women cannot afford a personal trainer. And never, ever write that x cures depression or x cures PCOS because it just ain’t true.

Friends are forever? Nah

I should probably refrain from posting with drunk but on Saturday I got really pissed off at BG. He sent me a text after I left “The other place” asking why I ran off. I responded with a why do you give a shit. He said that he did and goodnight and all that.

I don’t think he gives a shit. During my dark months, he never called. He was not in Hell for part of the time and did try to contact me upon his return but still, he like so many others abandoned me to my depression.

Friendship is a very complex issue and requires diplomacy and tact to safely navigate through the murky waters. But then you meet someone and something goes click. There is a strong connection between you are Friend A. You pour out your heart. She pours out hers – taking quite a bit more time. You ooh and aah over each others’ troubles and successes, work and life, love and death.

You comfort her when her boyfriend dumps her. You plot revenge on the dumbass. You listen to the minute details of every aspect of their relationship for the past few months for the 10th time. Time passes and she gets better.

You fall into a depression but she never comes around. You go on holidays together but she is highly unsympathetic. You wonder who this fucking bitch is and what she has done with your friend. And then you have a fight and everything explodes.

She is sick of taking care of you / it’s her holiday / no consideration / so immature / etc. You feel this is unjust and mention that you were there for her at every moment since the friendship began. Then she cuts a little crueller – fat bitch. You accept yourself and she knows this. You know her only motivation her is trying to hurt you. Stupid. Once you reclaim the word fat, it can’t hurt you any more. So all her words meant were – I want to hurt you but am too incompetent to do it right because I never paid enough attention.

Just like that the friendship is over.

Hum it appears I totally drifted from the post, which was supposed to be on fair weather friends. Maybe I’ll do that one tomorrow

Fucking doctors

I know that in a lot of ways I am very privileged to have access to insurance and everything but I gotta rant for a bit because I’m going even crazier and I don’t know what to do.

My shrink texted me for an appointment when I got back from holidays and I replied with yes please. No reply for five days. So I text her again and she can only fit me in but only during my working hours.

Luckily I’ve got a very decent boss who gives me the time off and who found me alternative work to be doing. My work is very triggering. I deal with rape, murder, genocide and child abuse, some of which includes graphic photos of dead people. Work led to PTS which led to depression.

I confirm the appointment with that bloody shrink and she writes me back saying that she heard that my insurance pays $1000 for headshrinking and now she’ll going to charge me over double what I already pay. The truth is that my insurance will repay me up to $1000 a year. I’ve already “spent” over $1000 on therapy in the past three months. Insurance takes over five months to repay and then I’m screwed on the exchange rate $ to €. I’m a frakking volunteer. I get paid enough to live on just about.

Now I have to decide whether it’s worth paying out of pocket and try and explain the situation. Even if she keeps charging me the regular amount, it is a serious drain on my income. I feel like she is taking advantage of me. I’m fucked up and living in a fucked up country and she has a monopoly on head shrinking.

The therapy is good, mostly, but her answer to everything is to keep jacking up my Zoloft and to pass my insomnia issues along to the prescribing doctor.

That fucking doctor is getting on my tits as well. Not only does he believe that he knows more about me than I do but he keeps pushing WLS on me even knowing that my fatness in caused, in part by PCOS. I had a polite rant to him a few weeks ago and now he just writes me prescriptions. I just need the scrips to get refunded from my insurance cos I can get all my drugs over the counter. In fact I was so angry with him that I just kept buying Zoloft and didn’t go near his office for months.

When he was writing my latest scrip for Ambien, he prescribed too low a dose and proceeded to lecture me on possible addiction. I asked him for the millionth time if he had an alternative. He just said that my body needs to adjust to the drugs, which is what he said last time and the time before that and the time before that. That fuckwit is assigned to my organisation so I don’t have to pay the consulting fees but it does mean that I can’t afford to switch to a doctor who gives a flying fuck.

It’s been almost four months and I still can’t sleep. Done all the usual insomnia cures. I’m considering asking someone hit me over the head each night.

I really don’t know if insomnia or developing an addiction to sleeping pills is worse.

I feel totally vulnerable and cheated. I’m really angry. I’m smoking like a chimney. Really don’t know what to do. So tempted to never go back but I’m completely fucked up mentally. My friends are there for me when they can be but I’ve no family here and I get harassed (pointed at, laughed at, asked how many kilos I weigh,) and there is a constant threat of violence (women have been robbed at gun point and knife point near my office and my flat) every single time I leave my house.


Got a troll – lose weight she says and then you won’t spend time crying into your pillow. How delightfully considerate? Why have I never thought of that? Oh yeah because I have. Losing weight with PCOS is about as easy as breaking the law of gravity, so you can fuck right off. I go to the gym each day and restrict my eating and the scales don’t fucking budge. I’m fat and there’s nothing I can do about it. Mostly I’m fine with it but I’ve have a rough couple of days and your concern trolling does not fucking help.