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The word tired has lost all meaning for me. Exhausted barely covers it. When I ride my bike to work, I know I’m putting myself in danger because I’ve such a low energy level. I have got less than six hours in the past 48. I go to bed in time but I just can’t sleep.

My insomnia has taken an exciting new turn. Instead of being unable to sleep and then unable to wake up, I can now sleep but not for long. I wake up well before my alarm. Four hours before it for now reason and then cannot go back to sleep. This has never happened to me before – I can always go back to sleep. I’m going to call in sick tomorrow if I don’t sleep again tonight cos it’s driving me crazy.

Remember than episode in Star Trek Net Gen where they couldn’t achieve R.E.M. sleep and they started losing the plot – well that’s me right now!

I wouldn’t mind so much if Ambien would work. Although when I’m at work I look at the floor and think, I could drop off in two minutes.

My concentration is shot to shit. I can’t see straight. Everything is blurry. I have a really important meeting with top officials in two hours. I’m totally screwed!