I’m so depressed since I missed your party

Me too, OMG you should have totally been there

– Example of bad mood NOT depression

Depressed may be the most overused ill-applied descriptions of being in a bad mood. It’s highly fucking annoying because I suffer from real depression – clinical depression. And no I can’t snap out of it, thank you very much. Exercise is not a magical cure, it doesn’t AK the depression. Please don’t suggest fish oil, vitamin C, or the cure with which your friend totally got over depression. I doubt there is anything that you can suggest, that I haven’t tried, so please don’t.

Depression is very misunderstood too. I’m not lazy but there are days I literally cannot get out of bed.

In an average day I get headaches, neck aches, nausea, inability to concentrate, dizziness, inability to be with people, sad, lonely etc.I often think of hurting myself but my rational mind is rational

At night, I don’t sleep and in the morning  I don’t wake up so I’m late for work and my productivity is seriously shit I can barely stay awake at work and in bed I cannot sleep.I’m on Zoloft and it’s not really working but my doctor is shit and I can only afford to go see a better one one a month.

My depression is not universal. Everyone’s experience is different. If someone tells you they are depressed, take it seriously and don’t suggest fish oil. And stop saying that you are depression, when you mean “in a bad fucking mood”.


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