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How do I feel?

I don’t know. Things should be better but I’m having difficulty assigning a scale to how depressed I am. I’m not cutting but I think about it – a lot.

It’s only day 2 on lexapro so I can’t even tell what I feel apart from tired, manic, insomniac and other contradicting feelings.

I’m smoking like a chimney and wandering around in my nightdress.

I was refused disability allowance on health grounds. Depression isn’t a disability apparently when one is 30 – “sure you’ll get over it” and the doc will write me sick notes from week to week to allow me to get social welfare, which means I have no security.

I don’t know how other people manage? How do you hold down a job with manic/depression?

I’m to numb to rant even.


Work frustrations

OK I’ve gone from weepy to furious in a second. Don’t ask my fucking advice just to reject it. One of my colleagues thinks he knows better than everyone on every subject under the sun. I am the Communications Expert. Don’t tell me how to do my fucking job because you want to have symmetry in unrelated slogans.


I grind my teeth and attempt to smile because he’s tight with the boss but fuck it all, if he wants to do my job as well that’s fucking fine but do not overrule me when I know better than you