About Dark Sarcasm

I’m a fat white straight feminist cis woman. I’m depressed. Was diagnosed June 2008 after a breakdown.
Been raped twice. Been stalked trice. Been assaulted too many times to count. Was emotionally and physically abused as a child.

Don’t even have the energy to write a proper bio.

Am gardening and trying to write. It’s proving difficult.


3 responses to “About Dark Sarcasm

  1. What on earth are you doing with all these African men!! is there no other choice where you are hun???

    That episode with the Nigerian man is fucking scary! I have heard of their reputation and doesnt inspire much…

  2. Dark Sarcasm

    I consider myself liberal and not racist but I’ve had nothing but trouble with Nigerian men. The women are great and I’ve no problems with the men from other African countries but there’s something about Nigerians.

    I’m in Asia – the very poor part. Hating it a little more everyday. The only men here are married, gay or sexpat. And I need to get out of here.

    Thanks for your support Dz-Chick 🙂

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