Shut the fuck up

I have a chest infection – no big deal – but my mother is sulking because I don’t want to watch a movie with her. I am sick and my mother is turning into a royal bitch. I’ve explained to her about depression. I’ve told her that I’ll need time alone. She’s been stuck to me for the past few days. She had a hissy fit because my sister asked her to stop prying and started saying that she gives and gives and gives and no one ever gives to her or helps her. She is the most special little snowflake in the entire fucking world.

She came to visit me when I was overseas. She spent 3 weeks in the country that I spent 2 years in. She starts informing me about that country. I’ve been living there. I know a fuckload more than she does after a few days

I don’t want to go downstairs out of my bed and listen to her ask “what did she say?” or “who is he?” because she can’t follow a simple story. Why follow what’s going on when you can annoy others? Yesterday she wouldn’t hear of any movie being watched except Mamma Mia. I haven’t seen it but I hate it already because she won’t shut the fuck up about it.

I’m beginning to think that no matter what I felt in Hell, at least it was Mum-free. I can feel myself cracking up even more. I got to get the fuck out of here…


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