A shrink’s vengence is terrible to behold

I’m going home in a few weeks and for my employer to cover my insurance for an additional six months they need a note from my doctor. My SSRI prescriptor won’t put his ass on the line for anything
because he is totally incompetent. He told me that he needed a report from my ex shrink.

My ex shrink who I fired in August due to her manipulation say she destroyed the notes she took as I requested and wrote it from memory. The report damns me completely. She pulled a diagnosis out of her ass of Borderline Personality Disorder and/or Narcissistic Personality Disorder and blames my depression on these “personality” disorders.

Her diagnosis is based on

– I’m in denial about my fat because I’m not ashamed, embarrassed or whatever of it
– I wouldn’t play nice with a friend who betrayed my trust
– I was bitching about Hell (it’s hot and sweaty and people laugh and point at me constantly)
– that I have few friends/conflicts with peers (complete bullshit except for the one who betrayed me)

I disagree utterly with everything in the report. She even got my home country wrong. I’ve got to kill that report. How could I possibly get treated and get better with such a mistaken diagnosis. What I actually
have (she told me when we were on good terms) is PTSD and compassion fatigue from a friend almost dying in my arms, two rapes, 18 months of looking at and reading about serious human rights violations and a motorbike accident.

If I don’t submit the report then I don’t get the insurance extension. I really don’t know what to do but my instinct is to trash the report and hope that I’ll qualify for a medical card when I get home.


2 responses to “A shrink’s vengence is terrible to behold

  1. I swear to god, if I EVER find out who came up with that load of horseshit diagnosis for personality disorder I will avenge every last person who has been misdiagnosed with it.

    Been there too petal, f*ckwits. I spent 8 months (Non consecutively) bouncing between insane mixed mood (Near enough mania) and suicidal depression, put myself in hospital, scarred the crap out of my arms, lost friends, ruined my career, and basically lost all hope for the future, because they decided I first off had “Anxiety issues” and secondly I was a “real empath” who needed to “learn how to manage her mood” – translated personality disorder.

    Finally got them to listen to me (because no one listens to someone with a personality disorder) and within six weeks of being on a mood stabiliser I was back to normal. I now get flashbacks and nightmares from those months.

    I hate that diagnosis. It is used as a punishment, and a get out clause for lazy shrinks, or those who cannot understand you. Personality disorder? Absolute bollocks. The minute number of people who do actually have traits of that nature get their life tarnished, because they have had a difficult life up till then. Bastards

    Sorry, needed to rant there…..I am not bitter….i am not bitter

    Trash it
    Lola xxxxxx

  2. Thanks Lola. Thanks a mil. I was so fucking angry that I couldn’t write (and I’m sick with the dengue). I played the game though. I sent her an email to meet and discuss. I managed not to scratch her eyes out which is a good move I think. I got her to just write up my PTSD.

    BPD is a shit diagnosis because it covers everything. I bet if any one on the fucking planet was analysed then everyone would come out with that dx. It’s everything and nothing.

    At least I am done with that fucking shrink now and never have to see her again. She tried to make me angry in the last session by saying I was dissociative because I thought she was wrong about me. I bit my lip but said nothing.


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