Re no subject

I’ve grown to like the slight pain when I run my fingers over the cuts.

I’m not hiding them. I can’t. It’s way too hot for long sleeves and I kinda want someone to notice.

Is it too much to ask one’s friends to care? I mean in RL. In bloglandia Ihave you all. Thanks xxx

Could I be any more pathetic? I want my friends to notice that I’m hurting myself. What a stereotype? I hear that most cutters don’t want people to know. Am I just desperately seeking attention with my razorblade antics?



2 responses to “Re no subject

  1. Does it matter if you are just wanting attention? DS you are hurting, but it shouldn’t take your cuts for your friends to notice that. People cut for all sorts of different reasons. None of them are exactly healthy.

    Lola xxx

  2. Thanks Lola, I needed that. It seems that I can’t stop one bad habit without taking up another. I’m not sure why I’ve started cutting but i don’t know how to stop


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