Hey all you depressed people and fat people, I found the cure. Some anonymous commenter left it in response to this post. How can we thank that person enough. Here it is – wisdom

eat fresh fruit in the morning and nothing else; a heavy breakfast is bad for the health
you will have more energy and not be tired all the time
also, stay away from processed foods and fast foods, and you will feel great!

So it’s all about the fruit. Don’t you feel silly now, not being able to get out of bed or slashing your wrists or indeed taking antidepressants? Cos the answer is fruit!


Why not advise fish oil while you’re at it? I’m just going to quote from that post which attracted the “fruit” cures weirdo

Don’t you think I’ve tried everything – all the crappy ‘home remedies’, diets, supplements, yoga etc? It’s not pleasant to live like this… And never, ever write that x cures depression or x cures PCOS because it just ain’t true.

Please fuck off now


4 responses to “Cured!

  1. TOSSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Don’t hate me….

    But I think that’s a bit harsh. While walks in the country and oily fish might not necessarily “fix you”, I think it’s certainly true that Jeremy Kyle and Crispy Pancakes would make you worse.

    Sooooo… I think that although their advice might not be ideal, it makes sense to try and have a healthy diet.

    Once again… please, no firebombing of my house.

    Hope you feel better



  3. Course I won’t hate you Me. I agree that healthy eating is good for a person. But drive by spammers touting miracle diets for depression or PCOS insta-fix really fucking annoy me.

    I’ll try and restrain myself from firebombing your house 😉

    Thanks. Hope you feel better too. Take care x

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