We hates it

I am sick of NaNo. It’s not fun. It’s just plodding along. Of course the prose is shite but that’s normal with Nano.

All I want to do is sleep. Work is so damn busy.

I want to sleep. I’m always exhausted these days


3 responses to “We hates it

  1. How long till you leave now? Can’t be too long, you should get a ticker for this page, then we can cheer you along! NaNo seemed a bit frightening so hats off to your commitment. I know what you mean about tired, I went out for an hour this morning and think I need two weeks bed rest to recover. I’m amazed you are still working, depression makes it difficult. You should pat yourself on the back for that too.

    Lola x

  2. It’s still 6 weeks. I leave mid December. I can feel myself cracking up. Seriously, all I want to do is sleep. If I didn’t have this huge event to organise then I would already be at home.

    Thanks for the pat on the back Lola. It’s comforting to know that you understand. It’s so hard to make people understand what it’s like to be depressed.

    I’m so tired but cannot sleep.


  3. I got the ticker. I’m torn between feeling that it’s ages away and knowing that the huge event I have to organise is around the corner

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