Quote of the week

From the wonderful Lola Snow

Most people don’t understand what it is like to get lost in between sleep and awake. They never understand how vast a place, can fit in the space, between your ears, and how your fears can become your weighty truth. Your life can become a nightmare in a minute, and it can happen to you, because it happened to me, and I used to be you, before That Night. I was all of you, I was a normal person. I had kinks and quirks and I made some stupid mistakes, but I was just the same as any person on the street. I could have been your sister, or your daughter. Or if you like, maybe I was your victim. Maybe I was the girl who sat next to you on the bus this morning. Maybe I served you in the pub. Maybe you tried to sell me insurance on the phone this afternoon. I look no different, I haven’t sprouted another head, my hair hasn’t fallen out, I haven’t turned green. Maybe I’m sitting beside you as you read this. No one could ever know just by looking, the pictures in my head.

Her prose is honest and beautiful and makes me cry. I see myself in those images. Go read it all.


2 responses to “Quote of the week

  1. Thanks DS.
    Now, all I need is that memory removal machine 🙂

    **Hugs Back***

    Lola x

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