If one more person tells me that exercise cures depression, I will freak out. I FUCKING KNOW already, which is why I exercise when I can. It’s hard to work up to doing 40 minutes cardio when I can barely get out of bed.

I want to sleep for a thousand years maybe. Rip Van DS might be nice. People who have not been clinically depressed have no notion of what it is like. It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain people. It’s a medical condition. It’s not laziness.

It is impossible to explain when those same people have their own preconceptions.

I’m too depressed to write any more.


6 responses to “Arg

  1. Hi :waves:

    Actually, my psychiatrist reckons it’s not true that exercise ‘cures’ depression. He says that it’s okay as a mood lifter, but basically it does nothing for clinically diagnosed depression. He also told me that when I was at your stage of wanting to sleep, unable to function etc, that it was more important to just take it easy – exercise wasn’t going to help.

    Good luck. I know that feeling, and it’s horrible.

  2. Hi petrona,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I fired my counsellor cos she was awful and manipulative. In Hell, there are no other shrinks.

    I’m navigating my depression through the internet, friends and plenty of zoloft.

    Thanks for commenting and your kindness.

  3. Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have to say you are bang on with this post!!! It makes me want to wack people around the back of the head when they say stuff like:
    “Yah, yah sorry to hear you are verging on suicidal…have you tried yoga or maybe lima beans, how about magic crystals, or blood of a virgin giraffe?”
    Lola x

  4. My pleasure Lola, you have a great blog. Thanks for stopping by my piece of the internetz and for the laugh. I’m off to search for the blood of a virgin giraffe now!

  5. I had no idea that the Internet was so full of wonderful, mentalist creatures! I found your blog via Lola’s, which I found via another equally wonderful blog…

    The wonder of the interwebby…it’s great innit?

    I think I’m probably not too far away from getting the bullet from work as I try and catch up on the goings on within these blogs, but it’s good to know that when that day comes I can come share it with others…



  6. Neither did I until I started searching. It’s great to be able to reach out and realise that we’re not alone. The internet is ab fab!

    Good luck with your work. I think that I’d be close to getting fired too if my organisation wasn’t all about human rights!

    Thinking about quitting and drawing the dole for a while instead

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