Like OMG “exercise cures depression”!

I put a few more exclamation marks in the title but had to remove them again. I’m a bit of a grammar freak. I am sick and tired of hearing this bullshit.

Investigators found that adults treated with group-based exercise did just as well as those treated with antidepressant drugs.

Dr Blumenthal from Duke says “There is growing evidence that exercise may be a viable alternative to medication.” Although they are still some more tests until they decided to tell to tell their patients to throw their pills off a cliff and run back home!!

Also, researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre said in a study solely dedicated to looking at how exercise reduces depression, that people who exercise for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week showed a 50% drop in depression. Even those who exercised moderately registered a 30% decline. This is great news for women with PCOS.

Being a fan of “the natural way” I am pretty glad that pharmaceutical companies are unable to patent exercise!!

OMG who’d a thunk it. I am sick and tired of this useless fucking cliche – exercise cures everything! Why are people getting sick in the entire world when exercise and bloody fish oil are miracles cures? Nice that a hormonal disorder can be treated with exercise. Pay no attention to the conditionals in the quote above.

I believe in the benefits of exercise, the joy of finishing a workout and the ability to walk up stairs but exercise is not a miracle cure for any disease. I exercise for 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week and not only does my weight not decrease but neither does my fucking depression

And nice job leaving out the people who cannot exercise for whatever reason. What? They have to just suffer from an endocrine imbalance? Great job on inclusiveness there Gemma Taylor. From your article, I don’t know if you’re ever had depression but I doubt it. You don’t ‘shiny happy people’ depressed people with a miracle cure. There are no miracle cures and if you were to sparkle that at me or someone like me in person, you would get the same tongue-lashing that I bestow on tactless, factless people who tell me to take fish oil and exercise because it cures everything. Don’t you think I’ve tried everything – all the crappy ‘home remedies’, diets, supplements, yoga etc? It’s not pleasant to live like this.

Before you write another article and mention the word depression, do some bloody research first. You can start here and read what not to put in your article. Then you can research some women with PCOS and disabilities. Don’t assume every woman reading your site is able-bodied. Then curb your suggestions and remember that not everyone is middle class. More women live in poverty than not. Most women cannot afford a personal trainer. And never, ever write that x cures depression or x cures PCOS because it just ain’t true.


4 responses to “Like OMG “exercise cures depression”!

  1. I’m sick and tired of having the benefits of exercise shoved down my throat everytime i visit the doc. Yes I know it makes me feel better (temporarily), but on a day when I can’t get out of bed, the chances of me donning some lycra and nipping out to the gym are close to non existant.
    Yesterday I went swimming for the first time in years. It felt fantastic. And the reason I was able to show off my lumpy body to the fitness freaks down at the pool? Seroquel. Because for the first time in years I didn’t give two hoots what I looked like. I was too stoned. So, whilst exercise may be good for depression, some of us need pharmaceutical help to get there.

  2. Yeah that’s my pet peeve too, or else being told that WLS is the answer to everything! Without Zoloft I’d be unable to get out of bed any day. It’s gradually become less and less effective but my options are limited and I fired my shrink. Exercise helps a little but not hugely and to work up the motivation when I’d thinking of flinging myself under a car if a tad difficult!

    Thanks for stopping by bippidee

  3. creativecommoner

    Edited by DS: I wrote a reply to this

    eat fresh fruit in the morning and nothing else; a heavy breakfast is bad for the health

    you will have more energy and not be tired all the time

    also, stay away from processed foods and fast foods, and you will feel great!


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