Well the holiday is not turning out exactly as I thought it would. I spend most of the time in bed to try and catch up on all the sleep I’m missed. I still need the sleeping pills to sleep at night.

Ceili is acting like a total bitch. So it turned out we were both keeping each other up at night so after a particularly sleepness night, she starts bitching at me and I get another room. It cost me $600 of money I don’t really have – my total birthday present from my parents.

So I’m broke, I’m old, I’m depressed and on medication. Is it any wonder I spend most of the time sleeping. I know that one is supposed to enjoy holidays especially in a paradise location but I want my computer and hugs from somebody who doesn’t treat me like shit.

The irony is that I knew this would happen. There are types of friends people should never go on holidays with and Ceili is one of mine. Once again she stirred up old shit. I can’t help but feel that this friendship is very one sided. I will explore that in therapy when I go back to Hell.

Oh well only a week left in paradise and maybe my money will last


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