Completely drunk but frrling crap,  not going to take a sedative cos bad to get addicdred.

Ken is fab. love him forever. love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


6 responses to “drunk

  1. Hey Dark-Sarcasm, I followed bits of your blog…you went to a dark place and back!

  2. Dark Sarcasm

    Thanks for reading Dz-Chick!

    I still visit the dark place from time to time, it happens on a semi-regular in Hell, but I do my best to pull through 🙂

  3. Yeah but it seems the blog is helping you pull though – it always helps to put your thoughts down on paper well e-paper anyway 🙂

    So; are you still depressed? are you still no friends and in no man’s land? and what happend to that Algerian dude you were into? did you ever kiss in the end?

  4. Yeah thanks Dz-Chick. I’m still totally fucked up but I’m getting treatment.

    I sorted out the friends things and I have some very supportive friends that are helping by drinking with me and having fun!

    The Algerian guy, well… he told me he loved me and that if we weren’t both in this shithole country that he would ask me to be his girlfriend. Then next day he is suddenly has a new girlfriend. That’s life I guess. I still see him around the city and we talk but not very much anymore.

    How about you? Meet any nice single men recently? I’m still single and all the good men I meet have a girlfriend. But I’m used to being alone 🙂

  5. He what?? what a looser! You’re somewhere in Africa right?

    I haven’t met any more loosers, I am on a strike :)…refuse to go on any more bad dates or be with anymore self involved wankers. So no I am still single and turning cynical by the day. God help the man who ends with me I tell ya lol

    Thank god for friends eh?

  6. Actually Dz-Chick I’m in Asia. He is a loser and a fundamentalist (Christian) and still wants to hang out and wants me to pour my heart out to him. I think not. I just don’t want to see him anymore.

    Ah you’re in the same position as me then. I’m decided to wait until I am seduced. I’m tired of chasing, so I wait to get chased!

    Well I like being cynical. It gives me a clear view.

    Friends are the best. I’m a bit bitter cos I have a bid fight with one of my best friends. The others are fabulous though. 🙂

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