Of friends

Just when I think that things are not so bad fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more (yes total Blackadder fan). K got assaulted on Friday night. A random guy twisted her wrist until she screamed and security did nothing. Of course security don’t give a shit about foreigners. And all the foreign boy who was with us could was that we had to respect their culture. Bollocks to that. No respect for any culture that abuses women.

Seems all I do is bitch on this blog but I suppose that is what it’s here for – my angst etc. Relationships here are so superficial. My best friend here is completely self-absorbed. I love her but she’s not capable of being there for me. She got her shit with is fair enough, nobody is perfect.

M was a good friend until her boyfriend came to live here. There’s always an adjustment period of course but six months later she’s constantly fighting with him and canceling any engagement at the last second. And the boyfriend is not allowed out by himself. She gets jealous if we even talk to him when she is there. She used to be an intelligent, funny, feminist chick and now she’s an alcoholic insecure mess.

Evans is a good guy but so far in the closet that he’s extremely uptight. I think he’s incapable of talking about anything other than work and so is extremely boring. Also he has no sensitivity. If I’m talking to a guy, rare though it happens, he’ll blunder in and break up the conversation. Love him but he annoys the hell out of me.

BG is a headfucking bastard. Nuff said

Al is cool. Love her.

Tentatively making new friendships but the problem with Hell is groundhog day. Every week is exactly the same – work and sleep. The weekend – drunk, angry, hungover, recover because there is literally nothing else to do.

That’s why I write, to stop myself from going crazy or drinking during the week. I see people becoming alcoholics and druggies before my eyes. Only another six months in this hellhole.


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