Innocence regained

My neck is still sore from Ken’s hickey fest. Weird that I’ve kissed more gay boys than straight boys this year. One would think that gay boys don’t want to snog girls but I’ve found that this is not so. Lips are lips and boys are rough. It’s passionate, it’s exciting and it’s without fear or reservation.

I am remembering my one-time obsession with vampires this week. Each time I touch the marks on me I think of biting and fucking vampire style or at least vampire-fantasy style but whatever about kissing gay boys, fucking is out of the question.

It’s lovely when there are no mutual expectation and it feels innocent to snog a boy again and know it’s not going any further and that there is no possibility of it going further. I don’t have to make a choice to have sex or not because there is no possibility. Just the pure pleasure of two humans kissing regarding of gender or orientation. I love genderfucking.


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