I’m back

I’m back from hiatus or writers’ strike or I found a cure for laziness. Whatevs. I’m back to ramble on about nothing of interest.

I went home for a while. I escaped Hell’s fiery clutches for a few weeks and earned a reprieve to civilisation. I was not one week back in Civ when I met a boy – a cute, sexy, biochemist who can’t spell. Being a bit of a obsessive-compulsive when it comes to spelling and grammar, I should be instantly repulsed but of course my lust took over. I’ve never enjoyed fucking so much. Hunger really is the best sauce. I heartily recommend it – how invigorating sex is, eh!

Of course my reprieve was temporary and I returned to my own personal Hell, where there are no sexy, cute, biochemists and it is too hot to fuck enthusiastically. Oh well, my boy, BG is coming back into town soon. He’s single now. Maybe if the aircon was to be turned on well before, enthusiastic fucking might be a possibility!

Also snogged a gay guy on Saturday. He left hickies all over my neck and told me scandalous gossip about B and his tendencies towards other men. It would be easier if he would come out of the closet but he has to make that decision himself. Outting someone is not fair.

My contract in Hell lasts another year. Hope it’s a year with plenty of enthusiastic fucking.


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