Psychosomatic illness or not?

The power of the mind is tremendous. I’m faking an illness, not as one might think to skip off work but, to avoid going to a party. What sort of a weird party pooper am I? You may well ask gentle reader. But I ain’t got the cash. What a pathetic excuse and one that people would laugh at. But it’s true – am seriously lack in cash.

Besides that, the hostess that been acting as a total bitch to me lately and although I understand her angst I don’t see why I and not her boyfriend you take the heat. I like M but many chill pills may be required. I really don’t want to spend my weekend picking her off the floor in a drunken stupor. Not so much fun for me.

So I’m faking illness. Having said that, I think I am actually coming down with something. I don’t know if its the flu that Colleague No. 1 actually has or whether it is the power of the mind and I’ve invented a psychosomatic illness. It’s interesting regardless, to me anyway.

What else is up? Not much really. Got a visitor and am going to spend the weekend drinking at the Diner and sleeping. St Patrick’s is next week and I’ll play the role of an Irish girl and try and find some green clothes!

Got an awful headache


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