Pissy day

I’m in a totally pissed off mood today and for once it has nothing to do with boys. I have a friend visiting, which is grand. Haven’t seen her in years but it means late nights and full work days. Ergo I’m tired and the coffee isn’t doing its job. I long for ground coffee because Nescafe is shite.  This is not why I am pissy but the lead up. I’m pissy because my soi-disant friends are going to the beach and didn’t even fucking invite me.

Obviously I don’t need an engraved invitation but I feel left out and crappy because I have made them feel welcome in Hell and now they bugger off without me. Most of them, I have introduced to their Hell companions. The explanation, that only three were going and another invited herself and all the group except Evans and I, does not wash.

Interesting how Slutty can invite everyone but conveniently forget me. She’s still so jealous that she didn’t get a crack at Doc. You can kiss my fat ass, you hoor. (I use slut, not because she shags around but because she would stab a friend to get a man/laid. Although I am a sex positive feminist and should probably find another less engendered term.)

My cokehead friend is still not better. She’s gone to the hospital again. It’s worrying but there’s nothing I can do. Besides it was her druggie behaviour that got me tired in the first place – staying up all night making sure she didn’t die and taking her to the hospital. Haven’t slept properly in almost a week and it won’t be tonight that that will change.

Naturally I have taken up smoking again.


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