Quitting smoking

I’ve quit smoking. Because

  • It’s a filthy habit
  • To be able to breathe
  • Cos Doc’s extremely anti-smoking and I want him
  • My sis hates it
  • I think it’s causing a rift between the old folks and me
  • I wish I could write that it’s an expensive habit but in Asia in ain’t
  • It’s smelly
  • Of the bronchitis I seem to get every two months
  • OK so it’s mainly about Doc but since I think that he actually is the one, it’s a good thing.

I wrote this for Day 1:

It’s hard. I don’t physically need a smoke but a certainly desire one. I think about the feel of the smoke entering my lungs, the quick hit, the hunger that is never satisfied. I’ve given it up – the exquisite and unsatisfying pleasure. I wonder if here is the best place for this effort. There is a dearth of pleasure here.

A little dramatic to be sure but I do have a flair for that.


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