6 hour date

I do not understand Doc. It bemuses me more than pisses me off. We had a 6 hour date on Saturday and he dropped me home and waves goodbye – not even the two kiss goodbye. He declared that he is not a romantic and then sighed that he is without hope. Then repeated that he is without hope. I do not understand where that came from. Is it possible that he doesn’t know that I fancy him? I don’t see how that’s possible. Should I make it clearer? Should I STFU? I have no idea.

Of course I might be completely offbase. He may not fancy me at all. Maybe he just really likes me as a friend. But each time we meet, whether by design or coincidence we spend at least 4 hours talking. We talk about everything – work, love, religion, culture and tell each other all about our lives. It’s almost like an old fashioned courting. Does anyone do that anymore? I know he’s from a more conservative country but still. My last lover, from the same country, was similar and I had to make the moves in that. Still F was a total hound and Doc seems to be celibate. Of course being a Christian there’s a chance that he is a virgin but I don’t really believe that.

He’s not in love with that other girl. He’s not gay. He spends all his time with me. He flirts. What is going on?


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