Kissing no one

I kissed Hugh Laurie last night – first the man from House (dead sexy) and then the man from Blackadder (quite a different kettle of fish). Oh and did I mention that I was dreaming. Cos I was and it was a great dream! I got to kiss House and of course I was more than a match for his wittiness. I really admire wits and a sense of humour in a man.

Went to RH last night even though I’m working today so fairly tired now. Got great info on Doc from a friend of Pru’s and Palmy saw him in the city yesterday.

I don’t think it’s him. I doubt he’ll call. But it’s ok. That evening pulled me from the pit of despair and I think that’s as much as I can expect. I can live with it, if I couldn’t only grab a couple of hours kip. Truly knackered.


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