Met a boy

Met the man I want to marry. I never say that. I never think that. This house of cards will come crashing down around my ears soon because nobody wins the lottery. He’s younger than me by three years. He’s my intelligent, funny, so-pretty-it-hurts, considerate, kind doctor. Won’t my mother be happy at the idea of my seeing a doctor. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We are not dating. We talked.

And what a wonderful conversation it was too. He’s witty and intelligent and smart and oh my God he’s perfect. Not perfect perfect but perfect for me perfect. I heart him. I want to marry him. K proposed on my behalf and he yes’ed. I just hope he calls.

The rational part of me says that there is no way that a person wins the lottery like that. He is everything I want in a man and so pretty. He couldn’t possibly like me back – no one gets that lucky. So when this comes crashing down and I’m locked in my room crying my heart out, I remember to reread this:

At this moment I am happy. Doc spent 4.5 hours talking to me at the party. The entire evening, he talked to me. I am happy. Remember this moment!

I write this for myself to remember that I was happy, when this inevitably crashes into oblivion. I can’t believe that things would work out so wonderfully for me – I got through the second round of an extremely competitive recruitment and a pretty intelligent boy talked to me all evening. Can I be that lucky?

I should have taken the lift home with him but I was so happy that I wanted to party longer. He made me happy. Of course I was a miserable git as soon as he left (that I had not taken into consideration).

Happy now. He texted me last night.

Hi DS, hope you had a nice weekend. I was working today and having a sore throat. Have a nice week. Take care.

Not the most passionate text in the world but he didn’t have to send it and he did. That’s what counts. My thoughts are literally full of him. Must try and do some work.

Oh yeah and BG got on his knees in front of me and addressed my tits. He asked me to come and find him when there was a chair next to him. Obviously he’s having problems with the girlf. Not interested

Evans is acting weird. When I was talking to doc, he would come check on me every fragging 20 minutes and then go bitch that I was still talking to the boy, to my best friends. He asked me to visit a temple with him and I refused because of an utter lack of interest. Then he calls Bu to ask her why I don’t want to spend any time with him. It’s not that I don’t but I’ve no interest in doing tourism in a city where I have lived for the past two years, a city I dislike normally. He can’t be jealous, he’s shagging blondie. Get over it, Evans!

I want doc. I want him now and forever and I have never said that before, well since being an adult in any case!


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