Texting joys

Well maybe BG is more in the game than I thought. He left before me last night but when it came time to pay my bill, I discovered that he paid for all my drinks up to when he left. That was so sweet and completely random. I sent a thank you text and received this in return

– Well let’s just say I have a weak spot when it comes to sharp witted women with equally sharp tongues 😉 goodnight

– Well aren’t you quite the flatterer my dear 😉 sleep well

– Flattery and sweet talking will get you everywhere 😉

– Seems like it’s a theory we should test 😉

Talk about mega flirting. I was so melty receiving those texts. As it so happened, I was at Evans house when I received them. He was boring me to death about his problems at work and not even listening properly to the fabulous advice I was giving him. And no snog after the listening but the bum fluff on his face wasn’t very attractive.

Thing was when we were at the restaurant, I didn’t want him to get off with anyone else but I still prefer BG or Gerald. Dog in the manger – bad DS!

I cannot believe my life right now – two snogs in as many months. It seems I’ve reached an oasis in the desert. Now all I need is to get laid. I think my virginity has grown back over the past 22 months!


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