Drinks after work – Tuesday

Spent yesterday evening with Evans. He arrived in my bar when I was chatting away to Kevin, or rather ripping the piss out of Kevin, which I do on a semi regular basis. Was it awkward? I don’t know. I guess it was a little bit

He showed me that my opinion mattered. He was going to move seats and I asked him would it make a difference if I objected and he said it would and he stayed where he was.

What was interesting was when BG came in. Despite the fact that Evans was supposed to be working, he would not swop seats with me so I could be in between my boys. Was he jealous or just being annoying. He refused to move a couple of times. I found it weird behaviour.

As BG was leaving he put his hand on my back and I melted. Feeling his body heat through my thin cotton shirt was extremely arousing. However must remember that he won’t betray his GF so nothing’ll happen there.

Then Evans and I discussed MKen. He asked for my advice. I don’t know why is he did that. He was entirely clear that he wasn’t interested in going out with her and that maybe they could just hook up at night without commitment. He could have been going somewhere with that – I don’t know. Maybe he meant to imply that it was me he wanted to hook up with.

When I said I should go because he was supposed to be worked, he asked me to stay and bought me another drink. Work talk and then, it’s so late I’m leaving. He kissed me on the cheek and hugged me hard and asked me to text him about any social events this week.

I was totally aroused the entire evening – was it Evans or BG or both? I don’t know. Everything is up in the air and I have no grasp on reality


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