Making out with Evans

So Evans kissed me in his bedroom. Right next to the room where Mken was. I know they are not going out but she really likes him so it is a form of betrayal even though we are not really friends. And he wasn’t bad. It’s weird. Why did he kiss me? Why? Why? Why?

Mken wants him. She is blond, pretty and worships him. I belittle and berate him, am blond but also am one hell of a bossy bitch. I’m not even sure why I boss him around, tell him to shut up and get him to kiss my foot in a crowded room. Maybe because I just like to boss him around and maybe because I can.

Why does he want to snog me? He wasn’t drunk, at least I think not. I was… so my judgement may have been a little impaired. Mken does he that he gives great head and I so want to see if that is true. So I sort of lust after him but how can I fancy him? He’s Evans! I can’t fancy him. I don’t fancy him. I’m not in denial. He’s got chin pubes. I just want to fuck him.

Do I believe me? I don’t know what I feel but his refusal to come to lunch with me today, pissed me off. It shouldn’t bother me one way or t’other, but it did. Bloody bastard and his sexy kissing.


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