Friday night/ Saturday morning/ afternoon

Had drinks after work with Mark and Dani and got into the usual debates on life the universe and everything. Changed and headed to the Diner. After copious drinking headed to first Friday party, where I proceeded to send many drunken texts to Gerald, John and BG. BG was the only one who replied and said he was at the Orange club, so I discounted him from the proceedings. It’s a hostess bar.

M was buzzing and offered K and me a quarter. It was bloody fabulous. I was dancing like I was back in Spain in that club after shagging on the car. Got bored of elsewhere and texted BG again. He was still in Orange and said he was going home unless we had some good ‘nachspiel’. I thought he meant night games in bad German and that obviously means shagging. The girls agreed and so off to Orange we went. The waitress didn’t know what to do when 4 white girls walked into what was basically a brothel. It was funny. BG was sitting with a girl, probably a prostitute. I bet he was really embarrassed. We just breezed in, greeted him and headed for the pool table. I headed to the bar and he didn’t follow me and proposition me so I felt like a dumb cunt for a while.

Then the 4th girl who was with us started to bug the fuck out of me. I think she thought she was being comforting but she kept saying forget about him and maybe he just doesn’t like fat girls and my issues are your issues. I kept silent because otherwise my fist would be having an issue with her face. She was just tagging along anyway. None of us wanted her there.

Anyway, violent thoughts aside, I rejoined my friends and had a great time. K’s eyes looked positively vampiric – very sexy. Got the fuck out of that place and headed to Boat bar which was crap. And then Q bar was on the menu. Very comfortable seats. In this place it was K that that wanted to punch our tag-along.

Taggy has been in the country 3 weeks. We’ve been here over a year and a half. She was running her mouth off about everything and wouldn’t listen to a word we were saying. It was very fucking arrogant and annoying. We needed to get rid of her.

We said we were going home so we dropped her off first. She didn’t have any money and couldn’t pay her share. I was very fucking unimpressed. We are not friends with her. We had met her that same night and we have a fucking problem with people who don’t pay their way.

Went back to K’s place and jumped into the pool in our underwear. So much fun. The water was divine. Any residual embarrassment at BG-gate was washed away. Went to K’s apartment and drank tea and smoked fags and gossiped about the night before passing out. M, being more level headed, had the sense to go into K’s bed rather than crashing on the couch like the both of us.

Woke up a couple of hours later feeling very hungover but ordered food and felt a little better. Bitched about Taggy and her fucking actions. Talked about BG, P-brain and Neal. Neither M nor I were tired no more so we headed off to our respective places for a shower and then I hit the Diner.

Had my laptop and was intending to surf but Kevin was there and I was still high and had no control over my mouth. I was being very cheeky but I stand by what I said – it was all true. I spent the afternoon hanging with him. CR joined us for a while too. She tries to play the good little girl with me but she’s a user and I’m through with her. Benny joined for a beer too. That was fun.

Eventually Kevin persuaded me to have a vodka and the rollercoaster started again. But I had to meet M+L and so after 3 vodkas I went to meet them.


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