Maybe it was a date

I’m still not entirely sure that it was a date but I had such a great time. From the moment I arrived in the cafe, (I got a change of venue), there was loads of sexual tension. The conversation flowed – sex, relationships, childhood, pranks, movies, strip shows, porn etc – a little bit of everything. We sat there talking for four and a half hours, until the cafe was closing.

He even mentioned his girlfriend for a moment. He has to visit her in October cos she’s whining that 3.5 months is too long to wait for him. We agree that it is the responsibility of the person in the relationship to say no. He has cheated in a previous relationship and I want to shag him. He hasn’t cheated so far this time but he didn’t seem totally opposed to it!

Throughout the entire conversation, the subtext was singing. Coupled with the sexual tension it was very arousing.

There was a moment where we fell silent and had eye sex that I felt throughout my body.

When it came time to say goodbye, he had his car and I had my bike so different directions, he kissed my cheek hard and pulled away quickly. Nothing else happened but I got the feeling that in might in the future.

I got a message from him at 0.30 thanking me for the invite and that he had a good time. I’m just wondering what he did between 10.30 and 0.30.

I replied this morning with a same same text.

Oh what a glorious night…


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