So I’m trapped in a country with no sane straight single guys. Is it ok to accept a pity shag considering that I haven’t got laid in 21 months?

I remember the last guy I fucked with such exquisite clarity. Oh F you were the best I ever had – mutual stripping, pashing, fucking, sucking and everything in between. How I miss the feeling of a man between my thighs, kissing me roughly, passionately and leaving me breathless. I want to handcuff wrists to bedposts and lick from neck to toe. I want to suck and suck at a magnificent cock. I want to come from a mouth on my clit and fingers in my cunt and ass. I miss fucking.

I miss the lazy post-coital relaxation too – holding or being held naked against the skin of another. I’m wet just thinking about it.

A friend told a guy that I need to get laid and he told her he’d do me without a hint of surprise. Is that pity? Is it an opportunity? I just can’t turn it down


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