Boys boys boys

So we went to the local wine bar last night and I got M to text D cos I thought I’d seen him in the factory and I’m a total sap and he didn’t reply but I wasn’t really expecting him to anyway. And then we were hungry and I wasn’t in the mood to eat fancy so we went to the Diner. And then who should walk in the door but D himself. He sat down next to me and said “hi DS”. he just said a general hello to everyone else. He dismissed everyone else and pretty much talked only to me. M said that it was obvious that he only wanted to talk to me and had no interest in the others. I asked him for his email address so he could buy things for me because he’s left for Oz today for two weeks. He wished me happy birthday before he left but he’ll be back in time for my party. I just got really good vibes you know. And I’m crushing on him all over again. One weird thing was that when I told J his chips were evil, D asked me why, and I told him I was on Atkins and he said “oh” – in a weird way. Maybe he’s an FA or something.

To add to the weirdness I also got to tell my kidnapping story – excellent night

I crush on you sooooooo much right now


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