What to do about the boy? I’m mad about the boy and I just found out that he rejected my rival, not that she knew she was. I dunno what to do or what is going on in D’s head. On the other hand B’s has given a few indications that he’d be up for a roll in the hair. Is it ethical to do one boy on the chance that I won’t get to do D. So complicated.

Anyway the plan is, as of now, to ask D directly on a date using the words “a date” just do he can’t claim that he didn’t know, on Thursday or Friday and when he rejects me, I turn to B’s for comfort, kisses and sex, assuming that I haven’t misread those signals too.

I don’t fancy B’s but he’s cute enough and I’m so touch-starved that I’d say it’ll be ok.

Of course if D doesn’t reject me, time will stop and mountains will fall etc


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