Upgrade to “crazy about”

My crush has been upgraded to “crazy about”. We spent four hours playing trivial pursuit and looked looked at me so often, I get fluttery just thinking about it. He was sitting opposite me but I hope it was something more.

Last night I had a series of dreams about him. He was so sweet and we got together when I told him that my flatmate and I were just friends. He kissed me so sweetly and so often that when I woke up I honestly did not know whether it was a dream or not. And then I woke up to reality. I haven’t had such sappy dreams in quite some time. There’s something about this place that makes you revert to the age of 16

Today I got a text from him and again with the fluttery. How can my ideal man be so close and yet I cannot grab him. Oh D I fancy you so much – kiss me, feel me, fuck me, thrill me


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