Irish v English

I’m Irish. An English girl just watched “The Wind that Shakes the Barley” and has apologised to me for the 700 years of English oppression in Ireland. I know the Irish may not have suffered like other oppressed groups but I don’t think that it is a subject to be treated lightly. It’s doesn’t help that this girl annoys me a tad. And she says, just like that a casual, “I’m sorry” tossed off over a beer. I feel angry with her for trivialising the crimes of her country and would be happier if she never mentioned it again.

We’re done. My generation, the majority at least, do not hate the English. We are in the European Union together and we work together. We are grown up partners.

Random English people who apologise for what their ancestors did – stop it. It doesn’t change the crime. All I ask is that you read history – just know that it happened. Don’t blather on or apologise based on a bloody movie. It so happens I like the movie but generally people learn history from books. Educate yourself and know enough that there are actions that once performed cannot be taken back.


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