Saturday night

I had the wildest weekend I’ve had in a while. Although the only real wildness was the staying up until 8.30 am and 5.30 am on Friday and Saturday nights and drinking copious amounts of dodgy liquor, beer and smoking endless cigarettes while mooning over my current crush D.

There he was, across the bar, talking to some chickie while looking at me. Ok so it was a sort of S & M party but only half-hearted really; it’s hard to get dressed up in leather in the tropics. I was wearing a boned corset and looked rather hot, but despite his eyes straying in my direction, he didn’t. Of course I’m not a bossy bitch for nothing. I went up to him and chatted away. The chickie took exception to this, although I am on fairly cordial terms with her, and was very possessive in her touching of his chest and laughing, in what she would probably consider a sparkling manner at everything he said.

Well I decided not to hang around then as if that is what he wants, then he can have it. I don’t know if he took her home or left her there. I’ll find out soon enough – the rumour mill here is very efficient!


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